FIX: Windows 8, Wireless Lost, Network & Sharing Centre Hangs.

A strange one on my own laptop today. I have been running Windows 8 quite happily for several weeks now and got my first glitch today. The wireless icon was showing new networks in range, but I couldn't open the list of available networks and at one point Windows reported that there was no wireless network device installed.

Plugging a network cable gave me internet access, but the network icon did not change and I couldn't access local network resources. For example I could ping my server, but not access it. Reboots and network repairs did not resolve the issue.

I dug around in device manager and found an additional device listed under device manager... I didn't get the whole name but something like Microsoft Diagnostic Adapter / Interface.

I deleted the device, rebooted and  now it's alll back to normal.

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