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Would your data be secure even when your laptop is stolen?

If you or any of your staff carry a laptop around then your businesses data security is at increased risk the moment that laptop leaves the office. Any laptop can be stolen from a car or hotel room - or even snatched out of your hands. Of course the laptop has an intrinsic value, and the hassle…
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Latest Scam – RDN Trojan Hacking File Detected

Pop up windows and scam emails are nothing new and we've been dealing with them on and off for the last 20 years, but in the last few weeks we've seen a spike in fake alerts that suggest computer have been 'hacked' and you should call someone at Microsoft for help. The reality is that Microsoft…
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Has your AVG expired…?

Our customers will generally receive a renewal reminder from thirty to sixty days before their AVG computer security software is due for renewal. This will include a reminder in terms of the number of computers you are protecting with a given AVG licence along with the expiry date and some options on how long to…
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