Always Strive And Prosper

It's always exciting to 'be there' at the beginning of a new business. It always brings back memories of what it's like to start a business, how exciting the future looks and how many things there are to do that you never realised you needed to do. Back in the late nineties, worrying about domain names or web sites was not the first thing you'd worry about. You'd be considering your business cards, compliment slips, a yellow pages ad and a glossy brochure to boot. A trip or two to the printers and a week or three later (and a much lighter wallet) you'd be sorted.

These days though the domain name, associated email addresses and web site really are the first things to think about when you are starting out in business and while it is not hard to get any of these things, it can be a minefield and a challenge to get it right first time. It's easy to buy a domain name, email system and hosting solution from a one stop shop, but it doesn't always make for an easy ride. You can often end up with a middle of the road solution.

So, when new start up Alegre Media asked for our help we jumped at the chance. We are delighted to have assisted them in registering their domain names, selecting a business-grade email solution and assisting with the technical peculiarities of making them all fit together... we just want to wish them the greatest of luck at this exciting time.... and we particularly like their philosophy.

If you are starting a new business in the Norfolk area and want to discuss the best domain name, email and web hosting platforms for your business, please call Computer Support Norwich on 01603 55 4000.

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