Analyse and reduce your energy costs with these network devices…

We made a rather interesting visit today to one of the more switched on supermarkets in Norfolk.

EAPSOL - an energy consultancy in Norfolk - sought our help in setting up their energy monitoring equipment in a store whose owner wanted to reduce his spiralling energy costs.

For us this was a simple networking task, but we were very impressed with the equipment which had been set up in the store. Soon after we'd configured the monitoring devices the supermarket manager was able to identify, on a real-time basis, the exact power draw of the store equipment (e.g. chiller cabinets, store lighting, or the general store areas).

Not only is this information available in real time from a web browser on the managers PC, data is automatically uploaded to a server where it is collated and analysed over an extended period of time.

A host of reports, facts and figures are available and could answer questions such as:

  • What is the carbon footprint of my supermarket?
  • What time of day does my store draw most electricity?
  • What is my energy cost per hour when the store is closed or open?
  • Which equipment is using the most electricity and where are my biggest cost savings?

Of course the system is not just useful for retailers - any small business with a five figure annual energy cost may be able to use this system to identify where energy costs can be reduced.

If you would like to discuss how to analyse your energy usage levels and reduce your energy costs, we'd suggest you give EAPSOL a call.... visit their web site here.

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