BT Exchange 21CN Upgrade (Hoveton & Wroxham)

Exciting news... at least for us anyway! We are fortunate enough to be around half a mile from our local BT Telephone Exchange and as a result get a reasonably decent connection of around 8 Mbit.

Yes, we know that there are plenty of users running at well over 50 Mbit on even domestic grade lines, but we also know of some businesses that struggle to achieve half of one Mbit in rural Norfolk. It's so bad in some places that clients have been advised to have two lines in case one drops out.

Other clients at the heart of Norwich still struggle to get four or five Mbit and so their only option at the moment is to go for a bonded ADSL solution.

The good news though is that our local Exchange is about to be upgraded to the reasonably common 21CN (21st Century Network) infrastructure. This should mean our download speed will jump to around 22 or 23 Mbit.

If your BT Exchange is undergoing a similar upgrade, you should make sure that your ADSL router is compatible with the new system (most are) or you may unknowingly lose out on this free upgrade

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