Disposal of you old computer equipment.

Many small businesses we deal with have accumulated a collection of old computer equipment at their site - usually old computers, screens, printers and fax machines. The reasons for the accumulation are varied, we often hear phrases such as

"I don't know where to dispose of my old equipment."

"Will the data on my disks be accessible?"

As a director or owner of a small business, you are responsible for making sure that this hazardous waste is disposed of in a legal and environmentally responsible way and that the data on your disks and other storage media does not fall into the wrong hands.

We now outsource disposal of all computer equipment to a third party, and for existing clients it is a completely free service*. We'll collect small items while we're on site, or you can have larger quantities collected by our contractors.

Our contractors provide a physical data destruction service, and we can provide a supplementary (and chargeable) disk wiping service for added peace of mind.

*A charge of £10 is made per CRT screen, and a charge of £10 is made per computer if you require the additional disk wiping service.

Please note that we always insist on getting a waste transfer note and copies are available upon request. 

If you are an existing client and would like to  have your old electrical waste disposed of, please call Computer Support Norwich today on 01603 554000.

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