Happy Windows 8 Day!

Yes, today is the official release date of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface tablet PC. Readers of an earlier post will know that we've already been using a release version of Windows 8 (we get it earlier as a Microsoft TechNet Subscriber) and actually we're pretty impressed.

This is probably the very first time we've ever made such a statement about Windows on it's release date, right back since we first clutched a Windows 95 retail box (the release of Windows 3.11 was a little before our time).

We've found Windows 8 a little different with its 'Modern UI' (formally know as the Metro Interface) but we've also found it to be stable and reliable - two key factors to look for in an operating system.

Regarding the interface: the easiest way to come to terms with the new interface is simply to think of it as a replacement start menu. There are some niggles at first, but actually once you are used to them it's no big deal - and soon you'll come to appreciate the features as an improvement of Windows 7.

In summary, if you are in the market for a new PC, Laptop or Tablet, then don't hold back to see if Windows 8 is a disaster. It isn't. It's stable and we're happy to support it.

Oh... and no, our Microsoft Surface hasn't arrived yet :-(

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