Instructions for Disabling Java

There are several articles doing the rounds at the moment, explaining that there's a big security hole in Java - even in fully up to date versions. The problem means that your computer could be compromised if you visit a web site that exploits this vulnerability. If compromised, an attacker could pretty much do anything on your PC.

This is a pretty serious flaw in what is a 'standard' application, so we're recommending thatĀ the software is disabled or removed form your computer with immediate effect. If you visit business critical web sites or run applicationsĀ that require Java, then you should talk to us first, but the chances are pretty slim.

How do I disable Java?

It's pretty straightfoirward, see the instructions on how to disable java right here:

These instructions aren't accurate, what do I do?

These instructions apply to later versions of Java. If your screens do not match those provided in the instructions above, you can remove Java instead. To do so, enter the Add / Remove programs applet, which is found in the Windows Control Panel and then remove Java from there.

Further instructions on doing that can be found here:

If you have any further questions, or would like remote support to disable the software, please call us on 01603 554000.

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