SmartWater Reminder – Anti Theft Solution

It's been over three years now since we started applying the SmartWater anti-theft solution to our customers computer equipment, this is a quick reminder about the free service we provide to our customers in Norfolk.

Each time we sell you a high value item of computer equipment, we'll mark it with our forensically coded SmartWater anti theft solution. The SmartWater liquid is easy to apply, almost impossible to remove, only visible under UV light and contains a unique forensic ‘code’, which links the computer equipment we've sold to you back to us.

Every item of equipment marked with the SmartWater solution has an anti tamper sticker applied which itself acts as a deterrent. Larger stickers for your doors and windows are available upon request and will deter potential thieves from entering your property.

In the event of any equipment theft, police will routinely check recovered equipment for SmartWater and reunite us with your equipment. Through our own database of computer serial numbers we can trace where the equipment was originally taken from.

We are happy to report that none of our clients have had any computer equipment stolen in the few years since we have been offering this service - and this does include customers that have had break-ins. The SmartWater - it seems - has done the trick and thieves have left marked equipment well alone.

Join the growing list of customers that are benefitting from this free service and call us at Computer Support Norwich when you next need a PC, laptop or printer.

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