BT Should Stick to Telecoms, not Email Provision.

Over the past few months we've seen a number of 'compromised' BT Yahoo! email accounts. In this situation, the customers email account has been breached or hacked and has been used either to send out Spam email, or the contents have been deleted or lifted or otherwise used in an illegitimate way.

A quick search for "BT email hacked" will yield hundreds of results, horror stories and discussions where disgruntled customers are slating not just the shoddy email system but also the way in which BT are handling those issues and the resulting complaints.

Some will say that the root cause of the problem is that BT, for many years, have used Yahoo! as their email service contractor. Yes, Yahoo! may be to blame for a cruddy system, but BT must take the blame for repeatedly ignoring the problem and hoping it will just go away. (BT are now ditching Yahoo! anyway).

On Monday of this week we've had one customer receive an email to explain his BT Yahoo! email account password had been 'changed'. Shortly after, that customer was unable to get email from his account and was also unable to do a password reset.

We called the BT "Premium Email Helpdesk" on 0808 100 6778 yesterday, but after two hours on hold we eventually agreed to call it a day and put the phone down. The current situation is that our customer cannot send and receive email on his email address, cannot do a password reset (because, they say, he does not know his own date of birth or mothers maiden name), and cannot get through to anyone at BT able or willing to help.

Though the client has an alternative email address set up on our own servers which works just fine, there is ultimately no resolution to this BT email problem until BT pull their finger out and start fixing their shoddy customer service.

As a telecoms provider, BT are outstanding, they should stick to what they do best and leave peripheral services well and truly to IT support professionals, not internet spies search engines like Yahoo!

As a customer, our advice is to ditch any email service that has been provided by your ISP or its contractors, and switch to a hosted email service instead.

For further help on resolving your email problems, please call Computer Support Norwich on 01603 554000.

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