Hey YOU! Get 120 Hours of Productivity Gain in 3 years for under £100…?

Order a computer from us today and you'll likely get one that is dual screen capable. We'll quote you for two screens as standard.

Most people that have never used dual screens think it is plain weird. Unless you have used dual screens yourself you will never understand the benefits.

For example, heavy Sage users are the very people that most benefit from two screens. Sage users will have Sage open most of the day… but can also have Outlook, Excel, or something else open and viewable at the same time.

I have clients who have tried dual screens for a week immediately ordered an additional 20 screens to upgrade everyone to two screens, such is the benefit.

If your users gain even 10 minutes extra productivity per day, that is 7,200 minutes over a 3 year period. 120 hours of extra productivity in 3 years for under £100? You can’t buy cheaper!

Once you have used two screens, one screen is just a pain in the backside.

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