Demon Internet Email Migration

Demon Internet have been banging on about their planned 'email migration' for several months now, and many subscribers to Demon Internet are completely oblivious to the changes going on with the system.

Unless users accounts are configured to receive email to the 'postmaster' account, then it is unlikely that small businesses using the Demon network for inbound email are going to know what the changes are, let alone when they are going to happen.

Today we took a call from one Norwich business that was able to send email, but not receive it. There were no error messages to indicate the problem, and no emails were being bounced back. A quick look at the Demon Status Page (which is hardly ever updated properly anyway) suggests there are no issues with inbound email.

What actually happened today is that Demon Internet moved the email mailboxes for this account to a completely different server without telling the customer. There was no courtesy call to say what was happening.

We contacted Demon Internet for the new server and email settings, including a new password for the account. Once the problem was identified it was quite straightforward, but it bothers me that it was done without care or consideration for the client.

Most businesses that experience this problem will no doubt take a while to figure out what is going on.

It's bad service Demon Internet, as usual.

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