Recommended: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 v 2.0

I've long been a fan of computer mice produced by Microsoft. Back in 1997 when my company started assembling and selling its own range of 'professional class' desktop computers, I used to insist on supplying a Cherry 3000 Keyboard and a Genuine Microsoft IntelliMouse. I did so because of their high quality. Back in those days I recall I could buy a cheap and cheerful mouse for around £2.50 - but a Microsoft Mouse was around £13 to the trade and worth about £30 retail. Some of these mice are still in use today!

Today I use mice made by Microsoft and Logitech and my most recent purchase is a "Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000 v 2.0". It's specifically aimed at laptop users and it's a step up from previous laptop mice I've used - even my last Microsoft one. The mouse is a reasonable size, yet small enough to slip next to my laptop in it's hard case. It takes an ease to install and remove single AA battery (so far has lasted 3 months without replacement). Most impressive though is the tiny USB receiver which now stays in my laptop permanently. The mouse has a small switch on the underside which is used to enable or disable the battery. As you might expect, first time installation in Windows 7 is easy - just plug in, wait a few seconds, press next a few times an your mouse is ready to run.

We carry stock of these mice @ £14 + VAT

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