Bonded DSL

If your business is in an area with poor connection options, but you need a faster internet connection, then you might find that Bonded DSL is the answer you have been looking for. Bonded DSL works by ‘bonding’ two, three, or four standard internet connections into a single connection. This obviously gives a speed that is two, three or four times faster than a single connection in the same area.

Bonded DSL Benefits

  • Cost-Effective - Up to 70% cheaper than a Leased Line with the added benefit of no expensive install costs.
  • Increased Speed - Double, triple or quadruple your connection speed to improve business productivity. Ideal for supporting high-bandwidth applications, file transfers and cloud hosted services.
  • Enhanced Resilience - By combining ADSL lines, if a single line fails, your connection will remain and your service will continue.
  • Advanced Monitoring - Better control over yourbandwidth. In order to prioritise traffic, configure firewalls and receive detailed status updates to make sure that your connection works perfectly.
  • Great Fibre Alternative - Many areas of the UK don’t have access to Fibre, whereas our Bonded DSL solution is readily available throughout the whole of the UK.

Bonded DSL Costs

There are two elements to the cost of bonded DSL. First – you need two, three or four telephone lines at your premises, physically located together. We can offer these lines on a ‘data only’ basis at a PER LINE setup cost of £90 + VAT and £15 per month line rental. Second – you need the bonding pack which is suitable for your site. Please note we only offer Bonded DSL to clients on an IT support contract.

Bonded ADSL Costs

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