Check your Sage Line 50 Manager password today!

Many of our small business clients run Sage Line 50 as their primary accounting application.

When Sage is installed for the first time on your computer network, you must log in with the default Sage username of Manager. This is no password for this account.

The Manager account is the most important user account in Sage; it is used to create new user accounts, assign user rights and perform some maintenance and administration tasks that cannot be performed from non Manager accounts.

Once Sage has been installed on your computer network, one of the first things that should be done is to change the password. The password should be retained by at least two key staff plus your external IT support.

Without this simple step, any of your Sage users could theoretically open the software, view and delete all data, restrict or delete user accounts or even create ‘backdoor’ user accounts that could be used long after the Manager password has been created.

Check your Sage Line 50 Manager password today - and tell us if you want to change it!

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