Dell OptiPlex 390 @ £395: Our New Budget Model.

We like to encourage the purchase of equipment which is good, rather than cheap. After 15 years of industry experience, we know that it is always more expensive in the long term for our clients to buy cheap computers - they are either slow, or poor quality - and often both.

But times are hard: some clients cannot budget for the kind of models we recommend -  so we have just added the budget Dell OptiPlex 390 to our site.

If you are in the market for a good quality, reliable computer, but are prepared to sacrifice a little speed and upgradeability to save your cash, then the OptiPlex 390 is a good start.

With a Genuine Intel Processor, Windows 7 Professional, 500GB Disk, 4GB RAM and a 3 Year Warranty, it is a good choice for the value conscious small business - and when you buy from us remember that you'll get an additinal £95 worth of benefits absolutely free!

For more details, please call Computer Support Norwich on 01603 554000 - or click this link for more details:

Dell Optiplex Desktops

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