Getting New Clients Within Two Hours with Google AdWords

You are probably familiar with Google AdWords. You may even know that it's referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Lets just say that when you search for something on Google, the results will include 'natural' search results, and advertisements. Google AdWords are the advertisements.

I have a few years of experience in setting up Google AdWords campaigns - but these have always been for other people. Clients will often start with a very small budget of, say £100 per month - but when their campaign starts customers to their website - then budgets increase each month. We've seen monthly AdWords expenditure rise to four figure sums within 12 months of starting an AdWords campaign.

On Tuesday of this week I decided to set up our own campaign. I spent a few hours looking at keywords, writing advertisements, considering when and where adverts would display, and so on. The process takes a while to do properly, and once you've set it up, a little maintenance is required.

For service companies like ours, it can often take a few days for the benefits of advertising to be seen. Quite often  you'll get a lot of visitors to your web site, but these may not convert to sales. This is particularly true if you have a poor website.

Imagine how pleased I was then, when I took my first telephone call from a new client within two hours of setting up the Google AdWords campaign. As I type, I have already solved problems for the client and expect to build a long-term relationship moving forward.

You may think I have been 'lucky' on this occasion, but that is not the case. The conversion process worked in part because our web site is reasonable, the telephone number is prominently displayed, and because I spent time setting up Google AdWords.

It cost many hours of my time to create a reasonable web site, a few hours of my time to set up Google AdWords, and £2.30 to get that new client, it was time and money well spent.

The lesson here is that to leverage the power of Google AdWords, you first need to invest time in your website.

If you run a small business in Norwich or Norfolk and would like to discuss online advertising with something like Google AdWords, please give us a call on 01603 554000.

If your web site is not up to scratch, then talk to us too about budget web sites.

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