Goodbye Internet Explorer. Hello FireFox. Welcome back…

Before Windows 7 released I was a fan of the web browser FireFox. We used to  preinistall it on every machine we supplied, but left Internet Explorer (IE) as the default. Inevitably users would call about problems with Internet Explorer and we would tell them about FireFox, how fast it was and how stable it was. How there was a better way. FireFox was a great tool to use when IE wouldn't even load.

Towards the end of 2009 I seem to recall that Firefox, too, became rather unstable and bloated and eventually left users to decide for themselves which one they wanted to use themselves. I think we did trial Opera but found it lacking. Some pages just did not display correctly.

Since Windows 7 hit our own desks in early 2010 I have deliberately avoided installing any alternative browser, instead hoping that on Windows 7 at least, IE is a nice stable web browser. Up until last week I have been happy with it's performance, but last week I had so many stability issues with Internet Explorer on my Windows 7 laptop that I installed FireFox once more. Compared to my experience with Internet Explorer it is once more a delight to use.

Today, in fact about 20 minutes ago, the same thing happened on my main Windows 7 PC. I am now blogging with the FireFox I have just installed on it after further stability issues.

This can be no co-oincidence. IE being unstable on both my machines within the space of a few days has to be as a result of an update of some description. If Internet Explorer was the only browser I could install then I might look into it, but FireFox is a quick and easy download and install and a pleasure to use.

Goodbye Internet Explorer. Hello FireFox. Welcome back...

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