Have you tried turning it off and on again…. part 2.

A few days ago we mentioned that there is a lot to be said for restarting your computer when you come across glitches. It is one of the first things we ask our clients to try. Not because we are avoiding the issue, but because we would feel uncomfortable turning up to your site, fixing a problem by restarting your computer and then walking away - with an invoice in the post.

Today we took a call from a user that was having problems with his Internet connection. He had been without broadband for two days but all of the lights on his router appeared to be what he described as 'normal'. We asked the client to reboot the router and - hey presto - his Internet started working again.

Much like a PC, your router has software in it (actually this is  'firmware' but we're not picky) which sometimes hangs or crashes. When your Internet is failing - the first thing you should try is turning of the router for 30 seconds and then turning it on again. If the problem persists, turn the router off for 15 minutes. After that time the equipment in the telephone exchange itself drops the connection fully and allows a new connection once you restart the router.

Of course if after these two methods of restarting your router your Internet is down, you can call us for help on 01603 554000.

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