Sage Version 10 Password Recovery

Some time ago we posted an article about the importance of changing your Sage MANAGER password, or risk getting locked out of your accounts software either accidentally or deliberately.

This week we had a situation where a business wanted to recover data from Version 10 of Sage Line 50. - this version 10 was released in about 2004 and so is a pretty old application.

This version of Sage is so old that we had to run our password recovery tools on a Windows XP virtual machine, and even then we had issues in identifying the password.

We can't go in to too much detail here, but we were eventually able to recover the password for the customer and they managed to open this older data.

The lesson here of course is that once you have set your MANAGER password, make sure it is kept somewhere safe (maybe in an actual fireproof safe) or an on-line password manager such as LastPass.

We did also find it quite fun to fire up a Windows XP machine.



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