SmartWater Your System, Protect Your IT Investment.

Even if you’ve never heard of SmartWater before, you’ve probably seen the technology featured in the media. SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution which can be dabbed on to the uneven surface of most valuables. Each time we sell a high value piece of equipment, like a computer, screen or printer, we’ll mark the item with our own SmartWater which is coded to us. We’ll also fix a tamper proof sticker to that equipment to indicate it has been marked with SmartWater.

 This process discourages equipment theft by staff and intruders because SmartWater is proven to intensify a criminal’s fear of being caught. An additional benefit is that where equipment is recovered, it can be traced back to us and ultimately your small business so that even where items are stolen, you could get them back. At time of writing, 95% of the UK’s police forces currently use SmartWater themselves and are trained to detect it.

 If you would like additional items marked with SmartWater, please let us know the next time you order from us and we’ll bring our SmartWater marking kit on site for you. A small additional labour charge may apply while we log the serial numbers and descriptions of your equipment. Please note that if your equipment is marked with SmartWater, you may be entitled to discounts on your insurance premiums... please contact your insurers for advice!

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