The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone

For a few weeks now I've been considering upgrading my mobile phone and I was pleased to see that Nokia had brought out their first device running Windows Phone. I did a little bit of research –  the previews were impressive and so a few days ago I went into Norwich and bought the Nokia Lumia 800, running Windows Phone 7.5.

I know I've only had the phone the week but I am extremely impressed with the size and speed of the device. Like most decent devices it integrates seamlessly with our very own managed Microsoft Exchange hosting, and so I had all my contacts and email up and running on the device within 10 minutes of turning it on.

It connects to wireless networks very quickly, the battery life is better than my N900, the camera is superb and the screen is even better. The location services are pretty good and the Nokia Drive built in satnav is proving a hit too.

I'm also very impressed with the touchscreen keyboard. It is intuitive and easy-to-use. For a long time I've been sticking to a proper QWERTY keyboard, but the Lumia has finally convinced me I can move to touchscreen technology without sacrificing accuracy any longer.

If you're thinking of upgrading to a new business phone and I'd urge you comes to consider the Lumia 800!

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