Monthly Archives: September 2011

Getting New Clients Within Two Hours with Google AdWords

You are probably familiar with Google AdWords. You may even know that it's referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Lets just say that when you search for something on Google, the results will include 'natural' search results, and advertisements. Google AdWords are the advertisements. I have a few years of experience in setting…
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Reminder: Managed Remote Backup Service.

A little reminder to existing and potential clients alike that we offer a Managed Remote Backup Service. We've been offering the service for around three years now and are extremely please with it's reliability. In summary, the service is a fully automated system that makes multiple backups of your files to two separate remote servers.…
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When we flush the toilet, our server goes down!

Yes, really! Our client shall remain anonymous to avoid embarrassment, but this is a true story: We recently decided to offer our Network Monitoring System free to our established clients. This service monitors PC's and servers on a round-the-clock basis, and tells us such things as when your server disk is getting full, or when…
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