Monthly Archives: September 2014

We’re now Official ESET UK Resellers!

We are delighted to announce that as of 19th September 2014 we are now officially registered UK Resellers for the ESET range of Antivirus Software, Internet Security and Virus Protection products. Adding ESET security products to our portfolio allows us to offer a richer security choice for our home and business users alike. Please do watch this…
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Important News about Newly Found USB Flaw

Here is our take on a newly found potential flaw in some USB devices which presents a distant but possible threat to your system: (Article with heated discussion about if this is a serious risk or not). (Seems to be the original research). Essentially there is a flaw in some USB devices which mean…
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Does your server report problems automatically?

Did you know that  we keep informed about the state of your server and network by having your servers (and other equipment) send us emails automatically? When your server carries out a scheduled task (such as a backup) or experiences a problem (e.g. a power spike or a virus attack) we can get informed about these problems via…
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