Monthly Archives: June 2015

Rapport / IBM Trusteer Endpoint Protection Update Fries Windows

At two separate sites today we have seen the same thing - computers that have unexpectedly hung, and after a forced power cycle the PC fails to boot. We have diagnosed this to the installation of an update yesterday (17th June 2015) of the┬áTrusteer Endpoint Protection product. The only solution we have found is to…
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FREE Upgrade to 3 Year Protection on AVG Purchases

From now through the end of August, customers that purchase a two year license on any AVG Business Edition Product will receive a third year of updates at no additional cost. This offer applies to new licence purchases only (not renewals) that are made by close of business on August 31st, 2015. Once a 2…
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Always Strive And Prosper

It's always exciting to 'be there' at the beginning of a new business. It always brings back memories of what it's like to start a business, how exciting the future looks and how many things there are to do that you never realised you needed to do. Back in the late nineties, worrying about domain…
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