Service Alert – Upcoming Changes to Managed Remote Backup

Notice for all customers using our Managed Remote Backup service - we’re upgrading you at no extra cost.


At some point in April 2017 we’re going to upgrade your Managed Remote Backup service. The software product and service provider we use to backup some of your equipment to a cloud based provider will change.

The new system will enhance both protection and recovery of your business data, the new features will include:

·         Bare-metal recovery to any platform directly from the cloud.  <<< Easier to recover systems after a complete failure.

·         File and disk imaging for complete backup.  <<< Can take images of complete disks not just the files themselves.

·         Local and cloud backup to ensure hybrid protection in the event of a disaster.  <<< Backup to the local network as well as internet based servers improving backup and recovery speeds.

·         Physical system backup for Window Servers, Linux Servers, and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop/laptop PCs.  <<< Flexible software supports a wide variety of platforms…

·         Support of applications - Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and Windows System State <<< …and supports a wide range of server applications.

·         Virtual system backup for VMware, Hyper-V, RHEV, Linux KVM, XenServer, and Oracle VM Servers. <<< Will backup virtual as well as physical systems.

In addition the these published benefits, our own tests show that recovering files is much faster than with the previous system and the  user interface used to perform backups and recoveries is much fresher and brighter and easier to use.

Will I be without a backup for a while?

No. We will run both Managed Remote Backup services in parallel for a period of time so that your data is well protected. Once the new software has been implemented to our satisfaction will we remove the old one. You may lose extended backup history for a while until history is rebuilt but we’ll make sure we have at least 14 days’ worth of backups before we ditch the old one.

Do I need to do anything?

SERVER BACKUPS: Customers with a server will not need to do anything themselves. We will manage the software upgrade remotely, any server reboots that may be required will be performed out of hours.

WORKSTATION BACKUPS: Customers with PC based backups will be contacted before the upgrade takes place so we can arrange remote access at a convenient time.

Is there any other impact I should be aware of?

Yes, there are some points to note as follows:


The service we’re providing will be rebranded to  IT\norwich Cloud Backup.


Like all cloud based services, IT\norwich Cloud Backup will upload your data to internet based backup servers. We draw your attention to this for two reasons. First, because the initial backup that you set up may take many hours or days to complete. During that first backup phase your internet connection may be slowed and could impact other users on the network. Secondly the data transmission can count towards any ‘data allowance’ that your internet service provider gives you. We cannot be held responsible for any additional charges you face from your ISP for exceeding this data allowance.


The data allowance that you currently receive will either stay the same or increase at no additional cost to you. For example some customers on a 150GB allowance will keep that 150GB allowance at the same price, but customers on a 100GB allowance will get a free upgrade to 150GB and the price will remain at the current level for 12 months. Thereafter the price will be adjusted to the 150GB level.


Some of the systems we support will be able to take advantage of the new features t no extra cost and in this case we will enable them. For example if a bare metal backup can be taken within your current data allowance then we’ll make sure that happens. If we can’t enable these new features without additional cost then we will not enable them but may point them out to you at a later date and discuss your options.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we’ll let you know once the upgrade has completed.

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