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Good, Quick, Cheap. Pick Two Only!

If you are the owner of a small service business then you'll probably recognise that some customers demands are quite different to others. We all have those customers that very much appreciate prompt service and are only too happy to pay your invoice at the end of the month. Then we all have customers that…
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BT Should Stick to Telecoms, not Email Provision.

Over the past few months we've seen a number of 'compromised' BT Yahoo! email accounts. In this situation, the customers email account has been breached or hacked and has been used either to send out Spam email, or the contents have been deleted or lifted or otherwise used in an illegitimate way. A quick search…
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Demon Internet Email Migration

Demon Internet have been banging on about their planned 'email migration' for several months now, and many subscribers to Demon Internet are completely oblivious to the changes going on with the system. Unless users accounts are configured to receive email to the 'postmaster' account, then it is unlikely that small businesses using the Demon network…
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