Can your staff work from home if it snows this winter?

For those of you that missed it, we had a smattering of snow yesterday here in Norfolk. It melted almost as soon as it hit the ground, but this serves as a reminder that in the winter ahead, the weather may be sufficient to stop your employees getting to their usual place of work. This reminds me of a phrase I heard recently:

"Work is a thing that you do, not a place that you go."

Of course this approach is not quite right if your business is into retail or heavy manufacturing, but if your staff spend much of their time sitting at a computer then actually you should take notice of this approach.

Most of our clients are already set up for remote working - this is a 'default' approach that we take - so if staff are unable to get in to work due to illness or bad weather then they can access their computer and their files from the warmth and comfort of their own home.

Personally, I'd like to see more people working from home at all times (did anyone save the planet yet?) but I guess home working during a snowy Norfolk winter is a start.

If you run a small business in Norwich and would like to see your staff working from home, please give us a call on 01603 554000 and we'll come and have a chat!

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